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April 2017 Earth Day Issue of Masters Of Health Magazine

Earth Day Issue https://joom.ag/MTNW

The 2017 Earth Day campaign is “ Environmental and Climate Literacy.”
Undoubtedly, the twenty first century’s environmental threats facing us all are dire.
Hence, this presents all the more reason to build a global citizenry that is knowledge in environmental science and fluent in ecological issues.
Connect with and respect Mother Earth!  Learn!  Educate!  Empower!
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February Issue of Masters of Health E-Magazine

February 2017 issue of Masters of Health E-Magazine for you to enjoy:


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November issue of Masters of Health e-Magazine

We are proudly presenting to your attention Masters of Health e-Magazine, this publication brings together select alternative health voices of the local, national and international holistic practitioners, whose perspective and expertise offer evidence of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The goal is to create and gather the most meaningful innovative research and health related information together as a service to give readers the tools to empower and educate themselves.

We believe that a healthier more bountiful future awaits. Join us.
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Masters of Health November 2016 issue